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Common areas and event venues attract a lot of people, and that means a lot of foot traffic. Outdoor flooring has to be tough and durable. Natural grass is preferable to hard surfaces because it’s cooler and more welcoming, but it is difficult and costly to maintain. With Memphis Artificial Grass Experts, you get all the benefits of real grass without any of the downsides. All across the board, artificial grass is the best choice.


At Memphis Artificial Grass Experts, we pride ourselves on specializing in Artificial Grass for Event Spaces. We ensure the installation of only the finest products, with warranties extending from 8 to 15 years. Not only does our turf remain lush and vibrant throughout the year with minimal upkeep, but its softness and added cushioning also make it more comfortable for play or relaxation compared to natural grass – a testament to the quality of our Artificial Grass for Event Spaces.


Our advanced drainage system sets us apart, promoting rapid flow-through of liquids, approximately 10 times swifter than other turf offerings. This means water doesn’t accumulate on the surface, and any spilled beverages won’t lead to lingering residues. Given its rapid drying property and non-slippery nature when wet, our “Artificial Grass for Event Spaces” ensures a safe and pleasant experience for all visitors, enhancing both convenience and overall enjoyment.

Our fake grass can be installed over concrete or asphalt, and it is great for rooftop applications and playgrounds.

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