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EverGreen artificial grass experts can add beauty and recreational possibilities to patios, decks and rooftops. Unlike natural grass, synthetic grass doesn’t need soil so it can be installed anywhere – including your driveway.

Our rooftop installations incorporate a tile system that ensures our patio artificial grass drains completely and efficiently. When it rains, your grass will be dry and usable soon after. Unlike other flooring options, it isn’t slippery when wet nor does it mold like carpeting. Our synthetic grass is thick and soft even when laid over concrete, and all of our synthetic turf products are pet friendly. We have even installed rooftop putting greens!

In the scorching heat, everyone recognizes the worth of a swimming pool. However, too much hardscape surrounding your pool can intensify the yard’s heat. While natural grass offers a visually pleasing and cooler surface, the chemicals in pool water can tarnish its beauty. So, what’s the optimal solution for homeowners?


Enter Artificial grass for patios by our team. This synthetic lawn stands as an impeccable substitute. Not only does it mandate minimal maintenance, enabling homeowners to enjoy more pool time, but it also presents an authentic look and feel, ensuring safety with its non-slippery attribute when wet.


Artificial grass for patios also brings an aesthetic appeal, enhancing the overall allure of your landscape. This addition makes the regions around your pool not only more captivating but also more functional. The touch of Artificial grass for patios is gentler on the soles compared to scorching concrete or brick surfaces. Its year-round green vibrancy, without the need for watering or chemicals, is a standout feature.


By opting for synthetic turf, especially our Artificial grass for patios, homeowners can also minimize the nuisances of dirt and leaves making their way into the pool. This not only trims down the frequency of skimming and vacuuming but also lessens the strain on pool filters, decreasing the chances of potential damage.

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